Redirecting and Thinsulate.jpgEnhancing safety, energy savings and the beauty of your building

Signals Defense is an Authorized 3M dealer and carries all 3M window films.      

Ask about and request samples of our 3M Thinsulate and Light Redirecting Films 

How 3M Window films can inprove your building:

  • Personal Safety - protection against flying glass caused by severe weather and explosions
  • Security - deters smash and grab thieves, helps keep intruders outside the building.
  • Facilities Protection and Enhancement - aesthetically plesing, conserves energy, protects interiors from fading and glare.
  • Health - protects your employees from dangerous ultraviolet rays
  • Privacy - Fasara Window films provide the beauty and privacy of cut glass at a fraction of the cost
  • Aesthetics - 3M anti-graffiti films help prevent vandals from permently arming your building's windows.

Windows are typically the most inefficient and vulnerable part of a home or building envelope.  They let in the sun's heat during the summer, let out manmade heat during the winter, cause annoying glare, and are typically the easiest way for an intruder to gain unwanted entry.  3M Window films have been addressing these inefficiencies for more than 50 years.

Signals Defense is a 3M Prestige Window Film dealer located in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  Our industry experience allows us to help choose the best film for your office or building.  Rest assured that our installers are professional and courteous.


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