For more than 22 years, Signals Defense technology has been the standard for RF/IR window films and other shielding materials for sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs). Ensure the security of the data stored, presented, and discussed anywhere inside a conference room – or an entire building – with Signals Defense RF and IR window shielding technology.


Window Film for Enhanced SCIF Security

Meet the DOD standards for blocking RF and IR interference in SCIFs, offices, and facilities that handle confidential information.

Our clients are US Government and commercial organizations that need to properly secure locations handling sensitive and/or classified information. Patented Signals Defense RF/IR shielding helps transform ordinary conference rooms, offices, and data centers into secure spaces that can meet TEMPEST standards for protecting electronic equipment from digital theft, accidental data leaks, and espionage.

Safety Window Film Uses and Benefits

Choose a security window film that offers double protection against electronic and physical infiltration.

In addition to the best RF/IR protection, SD window films are available in a safety-film version. Reinforce building security by choosing Signals Defense safety window film . We provide some of the most advanced window films with superior protection against glass fragmentation, spall control, and blast hazards.

Our Window Films offer physical protection against:
  Vandalism/Forced Entry
  Blast events

  Natural calamity
  Spontaneous glass breakage

Establishments that can benefit from Signals Defense safety window film:

  Guard booths
  Police stations
  Schools and universities
  Commercial establishments
  Medical facilities
  Military installations
  Corporate offices

These safety window films are your first line of defense against physical threats of vandalism, natural disasters, and thieves and intruders who make it to your premises. They reinforce clear glass windows and walls, strengthening these physical barriers so they can withstand the impact of heavy, solid objects thrown at a distance or slammed forcefully on the glass. 

We carry a large selection of safety window films, including Llumar. These films, in particular, have been tested to withstand impact from windstorms, bomb blasts, and forced entry through firearms. While no security window film can completely prevent determined individuals from breaking and entering closed premises, these window films can delay their entry and give a building’s occupants time to call security and the authorities and head for the nearest safe rooms. 

  • Prevents glass fragmentation - Reinforces glass integrity by preventing them from shattering after the first blow. 
  • Provides Spall control - Prevents debris and broken glass from flying everywhere in the event of a natural disaster, vandalism, or forced entry through glass walls and windows.
  • Delays forced entry into a protected building - If the intruders are delayed from entering the premises long enough, they may be forced to abandon their plans, or security can arrive in time to arrest them.
  • Minimizes damage and associated costs - Prevents further damage to the establishment and other assets (e.g., computers, office equipment, expensive artwork) from flying debris and glass shards.
  • Can save lives -  It can withstand impact from a thrown brick, bat, heavy blunt object, or a bladed weapon. Most importantly, it protects people in the vicinity from hazardous flying debris and other projectiles.

Watch this video of the Llumar Safety & Security Window Film shooting demonstration and see how ordinary tempered glass can become more secured.