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The Science of RF/IR Window Shielding: How It Works

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The Science of RF/IR Window Shielding: How It Works

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If you work with confidential or classified data, then you already know how important it is to keep such information secure - and window shielding films can help prevent exposure of such information to those outside of an office or building. But have you ever wondered just how these films work to keep data secure?

In this post, we'll take a closer look at just what RF/IR shielding films are, how they work, and why they're important in your office building. Here's a closer look at what you need to know:

What is RF, IR, and EMF?

If you have electronic devices, then they're going to emit infrared (IR), radio (RF), or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). The likes of phones, speakers, remotes, wireless internet routers, headsets, Bluetooth devices, computers, and more all rely on such frequencies to send and receive information. On some of these devices, the frequencies are strong enough to emanate beyond the room or office building that they're operating in - and that's where problems can arise.

While office buildings tend to invest in cybersecurity protection and physical security systems to prevent both digital and visible intruders, many don't realize that their electronic devices could also be susceptible to intrusion. If a third party is able to pick up a frequency emitted from one or more electronic devices, it's possible to capture the signal, infiltrate certain systems and access confidential or sensitive information.

RF shielding film can help prevent electronic eavesdropping. We'll get more into the nitty-gritty of how these protective films work in the next section.

How Does RF Window Film Work?

On a fundamental level, RF shielding works by providing a barrier between the source of EMF and other people. It's a big part of why such films are becoming so popular in government buildings, police stations, hospitals, military institutions, banks, colleges and universities, and other buildings or institutions that regularly have access to or handle classified or sensitive data or information.

RF window films easily attach to the surface of any windows and work to contain EMF signals in a specific room or space, thereby significantly reducing the risk of any third-party eavesdropping. These films can be used in conjunction with other RF/IR shielding products, such as foils.

RF films also provide IR protection, which is especially helpful when it comes to maintaining a cool environment in rooms or areas where high-level electronics are implemented.

Why Use Window Shielding?

Any company or organization that's serious about its data should consider applying window films and other RF/IR shielding technologies. Such films help enhance information and network security, helping to prevent any data leaks or third-party eavesdropping.

Government entities arguably represent the best example of shielding technology in use. Officials often meet in SCIFs, or sensitive compartmented information facilities, to review classified data or discuss top-secret strategies. The famed "situation room" in the White House is perhaps the most well-known example of a SCIF. SCIFS - whether they be permanent or temporary - are always outfitted with RF/IR window films and other EMF-blocking products to ensure what's discussed and shared stays confined to that particular space.

On a smaller scale, shielding film also helps secure wireless networks. These films can prevent hackers from using EMF signals to gain access to networks and infiltrating systems. And finally, shielding films often have other value-added benefits. For example, some are available in tints that help enhance office privacy. Others provide blast protection. Some may even reduce UV entry, which can help improve work environments and conserve energy usage.

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