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Building and Physical Security

A quick internet search of “mass shootings in the US” will immediately bring up a wide variety of sensationalist reporting that suggests we are experiencing Armageddon and political 3M Security Films from Signals Defensegrandstanding from both sides of the political spectrum. However, a review of recent data shows that mass shootings are not happening more frequently than they did in previous decades, but the shootings themselves are getting deadlier. Given both this threat and ever-increasing concerns about the evolving methods of terrorist groups, the physical security of everyone’s building needs to be a real priority.

Signals Defense, the leader in window film technology, is also an expert in physical building security. We offer two products to prevent your windows from being a point of vulnerability for your building:

  • Ballistics glass: Signals Defense provides commercial, military, and other governmental clients with a full range of Forced Entry Ballistic Rated (FEBR) glass. Our ballistic rated glass is available to meet all UL752 and NIJ ratings, which indicate the ability to stop multiple shots from handguns, shotguns, or rifles, depending on your security needs. Ballistics glass is specifically designed to handle the extreme force applied in single or multiple projectiles. For any location that could possibly be a target, to have at least one area protected by ballistics glass could be an actual lifesaver.

  • Containment glass: Containment grade glass-clad polycarbonates (GCPs) are slightly different from ballistics glass in that they are specifically designed to withstand sustained attacks by one or more attackers using a wide variety of physical tools. Additionally, GCP provides this extended security while allowing at least limited visibility through the glass, a factor which can be crucial in police stations, prisons, military installations, or medical marijuana dispensaries. Even while under siege from attackers armed with blunt objects, sharp objects, or from multiple types of weapons, GCP containment grade glass can provide impenetrable security. At the extreme, the highest levels of GCP glass even stand up to chemical threats or thermal stress from -80°F to 6300°F.

Who is Using these products?

Not surprisingly, police stations, military installations, government buildings, banks, and other sensitive commercial locations like dispensaries have used both ballistics and containment glass for decades. Yet with today’s risk of more extreme type of attacks, many schools and other places of public gathering are considering installing this type of security. The unfortunate reality is that it seems that while these incidences do not happen to most people, they really can happen to anyone in any place at any time.

Get in Touch with the Experts

If you’re considering ways that you can upgrade your building security, contact Signals Defense today for a free consultation. The company offers a full suite of both ballistics and containment glass to meet any environment, and decrease risk of damage from blasts. Our experienced professionals can provide you with a customized solution to meet your particular security needs. 


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