I’m a government client or contractor, why should I use SD Technology?

  • SD films and glazing products have helped convert unclassified or unsecure areas into secure areas. It is the written and de facto standard for US DoD and Intel Communities.
  • Defeats both radio frequency and infrared eavesdropping threats, i.e., RF flood attacks, thermal imaging, laser microphones, “bugs”, etc. while providing RF doming and lowering RF signatures
  • Optically clear with minimal aesthetic impact.

Where can I purchase SD Technology?

  • Signals Defense LLC, a Maryland based certified small business enterprise, is the sole source of patented SD Technology.  Signals Defense, LLC is the sole source of patented SD Technology.  Contact us directly for product and installation quote.   SD Technology is available for government purchase on GSA Schedule 84. Contact us for other options to meet your procurement goals.  Signals Defense products can be purchased with green energy program funds. A small list of our products can be purchased online from our Signals Defense store.


 Can I install SD Technology myself?

  • Due to the highly specialized nature and sensitive security aspects of this product, Signals Defense is the only authorized installer.  All field personnel are professionally trained and certified to ensure a proper installation.

Is SD Technology available in insulated glass?

  • Yes.  SD Technology is available in a variety of glass and polycarbonate layups. SD polycarbonate can be deployed in ready-to-install secondary panels, laminated/insulated glass, and a variety of BR or FEBR units.

Will SD Technology change the appearance or aesthetics of my building?

  • SD Technology was specifically designed to have a low aesthetic impact while maintaining the highest optical clarity and low reflectivity thus remaining virtually undetectable.


 Is SD Technology available outside the United States?


 What are the costs of deploying SD Technology?

  • Pricing is variable depending on the location of the installation and the volume of SD Technology required.  Signals Defense maintains a published GSA pricelist of our products and services.  By supplying us with a small amount of information about your facility (number of windows, sizes & location) our estimators can provide you both budgetary or a firm fixed price proposal.  For more detailed pricing information, contact (410) 902-0356, contactus@signalsdefense.com or visit us at www.signalsdefense.com

How can SD Technology help with RF/EMI Sheltering?

  • Signals Defense provides high RF rejection protects against electromagnetic interference to both equipment and people. Threats include any facility operating in “RF hostile environments” i.e., major metropolitan areas; co-located to transmission towers, etc.  This can be applicable to all entities including financial, corporate, legal, medical/hospital environments, RF sensitive individuals, RFID protection, sensitive equipment protection, etc.


How does SD Technology impact my window’s energy performance?

  • Due to SD Technology’s RF and IR rejection, it naturally provides the highest solar energy rejecting, optically clear film, glass or polycarbonate available. Some clients have procured using energy in lieu of their security budgets.  It can contribute to your LEED certification, and provide energy ROI.

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