Commercial Real Estate

Commerical Real Estate SolutionsHigh speed mobile connectivity is now a priority for everyone considering a place to live, or to make a property investment. More and more, in-building wireless coverage and capacity is ‘the’ deciding factor. Full cellular coverage is a must for all high-rise and multi-use buildings. Signals Defense offers solutions that enhance in-building wireless service as an amenity to lure new tenants. Property owners are able to attract elite tenants and premium rental rates, enable fast response to tenant calls, improve public safety and security for both tenants and employees, increase your buildings operations efficiency, and ‘future-proof’ your building for the next generation of wireless technologies.


Today’s travelers are well versed in mobile technology and invariable expect strong uniform mobile coverage during their stay. On the other hand, poor wireless service means they will likely stay elsewhere. Uniform cellular coverage and capacity available at your property will assure your business and leisure guests the wireless service and security they want to enhance their visit experience. Signals Defense can help you:

  • Offer the next-generation wireless amenities to attract new groups of travelers and generate incremental revenues,
  • Leverage the latest mobile technologies such as geo-location marketing and mobile check-in,
  • Enhance your staff communications to better serve your guests,
  • Improve the public safety and security of your guests and staff with reliable mobile connections,
  • Increase your property’s operations efficiency, and
  • Future-proof your building for next generation wireless technologies.

Colleges / Universities

Addressing the challenges of cellular coverage and capacity on campus is a major initiative at many major universities and colleges across the country. The vast majority of students, faculty, and staff utilize mobile devices and they expect them to work everywhere, relying on them for communication, social applications, and sending/receiving emergency notifications. Students and their families can have peace of mind knowing that cellular service is always accessible inside buildings, and anywhere on campus.

  • Ensure operations efficiency in every building on campus – flawless communication between faculty, students, administrators, and visitors.
  • Improve safety and security of mobile connections for your students, faculty, and staff.
  • Future-proof your campus for next-generation wireless technologies. 


  • Healthcare Solutions from Signals DefenseFrom remote monitoring of patient status and charting, to medical professionals and staff communicating efficiently in emergencies, to tracking instruments and monitoring devices throughout the facility, to safety and security of patients, their guests and staff, complete cellular coverage and capacity is an integral component of any modern hospital or medical center.
  • Improve the safety and security of your mobile connection for your patients, visitors, and staff
  • Ensure efficient operations within your facility
  • Enhance staff communication
  • Track your test and monitoring equipment wirelessly over strong, secure links
  • Future-proof your healthcare facility for next-generation wireless technologies.


Corporations of all sizes rely on uniform cellular coverage and capacity inside buildings to perform their work in a secure and safe environment. With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, your enterprise needs the assurance of the ability to access a carrier signal anywhere in the building, for both internal and external communications. More important, in an emergency people resort to their cell phones first to call for help.

  • Ensure efficient operations within your facility
  • Enhance staff internal and external communications
  • Improve the safety and security of mobile connections for your staff
  • Future-proof your facility for next-generation wireless technologies

Industry Associations

Signals Defense participates in many commercial related associations that provide invaluable resources to all members. We have or do participate with such organizations such as SAME, ASIS, AIA, Mid-Atlantic Glass, AGC, IWFC, and Bluebook Network. 


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