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Turn your premises into a safe venue for storing digital information and discussing confidential matters of business and security. Signals Defense set the standard for building shielding materials that mitigate illegal tapping, accidental data transfers, and data theft through electromagnetic interference. U.S. government agencies and organizations are some of our biggest clients, choosing our patented radiofrequency (RF) and infrared (IR) glass window film technology to secure their premises against all forms of unauthorized RF/IR signal capture. 

At Signals Defense, we are proud that our products have contributed to ensuring the country’s security. Signals Defense continues to be the brand of choice for RF/IR window film technology, having exceeded the DOD’s requirements for RF attenuation, having been tested using the ASTM F3057-16 Standard Test Method for Electromagnetic Shielding.   

Signals Defense's patented RF/IR attenuating window films effectively reject RF/IR signals, provide blast protection, mitigates wireless surveillance, and defeats IR laser microphones and reduces EMI/RF transmissions. 

If you are sourcing shielding materials for high-security facilities, Signals Defense window films are what you’re looking for. Get in touch via the contact form below. 

Building Shielding for Corporate and Commercial Applications

Multinational corporations and privately-owned companies have also harnessed the technology we provide to government and military agencies. Signals Defense is pleased to offer RF/IR protection window films for corporate buildings and venues where information and data security are crucial.

Besides glass window film that offers radio frequency protection, we also provide the following:

  • Blast mitigating window films 
  • Radiant barrier foils
  • RF wallpaper
  • RF paints 
  • Decorative window films 
  • Solar window films
  • Window treatments 

Our glass window films also offer aesthetic value, whether they are installed indoors or on exterior walls, windows, and doors. Our products are discreet yet effective measures for your data security and privacy.

Contact Us for Pricing and Product Information

Signals Defense radiant barrier foils, radio frequency protection films and other shielding products have numerous and varied applications. While designed for military and government use, they are also suitable for commercial and corporate use. 

If your organization handles sensitive information and if confidentiality is paramount to your operations, you’ll need the best shielding materials available today. 

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