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Decorative Solutions

Signals Defense offers a variety of decorative film solutions to customize your work space and meet your organizations privacy and branding needs. A custom decorative film providesFrosted Window Film Solutions from Signals Defense many advantages over etching. Etching is an expensive and permanent process where acidic or abrasive substances are applied to the glass surface for a frosted finish. Because of the rigorousness of this application glass needs to be etched prior to installation, or removed from the workplace for application. With decorative window films, the look and feel of glass etching is accomplished, but the installation can take place after the glass is installed.

Since the installation is simplified, and the cost is significantly less, you have the ability to change it over time. Design options are endless; you can choose from hundreds of stock patterns, incorporate your company’s logo, or have an intricate custom design.

Signals Defense offers a variety of brands to meet your specific requirements:



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