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Decorative Solutions

The Need for Customization

Glass makes up a significant portion of the structural composition of many buildings. It serves a number of functions, from functioning as a partition to enhancing office security and privacy. But for many offices today, glass windows also present opportunities for customization. Custom decorative window films are self-adhesive, come in various shades and can fulfill a number of useful functions. Whether it’s to serve as a decorative feature or promote a business’s branding, glass features on the building’s interior or exterior are customized to achieve the desired effect.

Advantages of Decorative Window Film Solutions

Decorative window films are manufactured with practicality and aesthetics in mind. When installed on your windows, they are able to achieve the same frosted effect as etching without all the downsides of glass etching. Moreover, they are more advantageous over etched glass in the following ways:

More Cost-Effective

The installation cost of decorative Llumar window films is significantly less than that of etched glass windows. Whereas etched glass can cost at least $125 per square foot, the cost of installing decorative window films in your commercial complex is significantly less. This is because it’s less labor-intensive to produce, requires less material, and is easier to install, making it a more cost-effective solution while enjoying the same aesthetic benefits as frosted glass.

Creative Flexibility

The design options are endless when it comes to Llumar window film solutions for your commercial complex. You can choose from hundreds of stock patterns, incorporate your company logo, or create an intricate custom design. With decorative window films, you have total creative flexibility over what aesthetic you want to create. And because it is non-permanent, you will always have the option of replacing it with another design at a later time. 

Easy Replacement

As a permanent solution, any damage dealt to the etched glass surface is also permanent and is quite challenging to replace. It may require a skilled artisan’s expertise to repair, or the entire glass panel will have to be replaced. In contrast, window films can be replaced quite easily without damaging the glass surface. It is a less labor-intensive process that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Less Maintenance and Upkeep

Unprotected glass is prone to fingerprints, dust, stains, and smudging and will require regular cleaning and maintenance to protect its elegant appearance. Meanwhile, decorative window film is resistant to all of these problems and requires less cleaning. 

No Glass Replacement Needed

The installation of new etched glass panels is a laborious process that requires old glass panels to be removed and replaced with etched glass. It is a disruptive process that may entail downtime in your commercial operations. But for the Llumar Signal Defense film, no glass replacement is necessary. Instead, the Llumar Signal Defense film can be installed on existing glass panels, ensuring a quick and seamless installation process that causes little disruption to your commercial work environment.

Practical Applications

Control window film has numerous practical applications within your commercial facility, depending on the type of film installed. Dual reflective film can reduce heat and glare when installed on the building exterior. Solar film decorative windows offer protection against UV.

Why Glass Etching Isn’t The Way To Go

Glass etching is an art technique employed to achieve a frosted effect on certain areas of a glass surface. After the glass etching process, what is left is glass with a rough texture of superb quality, visually appealing, and long-enduring. But while etching can undoubtedly create a stunning effect on glass, it can also prove disadvantageous in the following ways:

  • It uses expensive techniques and materials. Etching requires the use of lasers as well as acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances to achieve the effect. It is a laborious process that can also make it more expensive.
  • The effects are permanent. It involves creating physical alterations on the glass surface, which are irreversible. Any design created through etching cannot be altered immediately and will be expensive to replace.
  • The installation process is too disruptive. The rigorousness of the production process requires that the etching be done before installation. If glass panels are already installed in your facility, they will need to be taken down for the etching process to be performed and then reinstalled later.

Creating the look of frosted glass on your office’s glass panels doesn’t have to be laborious or expensive. The same effect can be easily achieved through Llumar Signal Defense Window Films. 

The Llumar Signal Defense Advantage

Signals Defense offers a variety of Llumar decorative film solutions to customize your commercial workspace and meet your organization’s privacy and branding needs. We also provide control window film solutions from other brands to meet your specific requirements:

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