How does your SD film compare to other “RF Films”?

There are many window films (and glass coatings) on the market which contain sputtered or coated metalized layers. These coatings provide a variety of appearances and primarily, solar energy performance and/or low emissivity. Some of these products have begun to be re-branded or marketed as “RF Films”. While any conductive metal coating may inherently provide some amount of RF attenuation, this is typically an accident or unintended side-effect of the coating.

Since these products were built for energy performance and not RF/IR security, they contain many gaps or weaknesses in their frequency coverage. Any film or coatings being used specifically for RF/IR security should have been tested to the ASTM F3057 method to confirm its performance across the proper RF spectrum. This method requires a large window be tested with hundreds or thousands of test points.

Any film or coating only tested to “IEEE-299” will not contain complete data, as only a minimum of 6 data points are required, from a very small sample. In addition, IR performance curves should be verified prior to proceeding with any commercial solar-control coating.