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Energy Savings Solutions

Energy costs account for approximately 30% of the total operating cost for a commercial building. According to an estimate by the U.S. Department of Energy nearly 75% of existingcomm_benefit_energy_large.jpg windows are not energy efficient, and one-third of a buildings cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows. Window films and or Window treatment products such as roller shades and window blinds through Signals Defense can enhance the performance of any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption. Professional energy audits estimate that buildings improved with energy saving window films could realize annual savings up to 15%. In addition, depending on your utility company, window films may qualify for rebates making them more affordable.

There are numerous factors that determine whether your building would be a good fit for energy saving window films. We have provided a unique tool that takes into account various parameters to identify if your building is suited for this enhancement.

Signals Defense provides and installs a wide selection of solar control films and window treatments that can meet almost any requirement or specification currently used.  Our solar films come in a variety of versions depending on your criteria (TSER, U-Value, SHGC, emissivity, etc). 

For more information, click here to visit the Eastman/Llumar Energy Savings Calculator. Depending on your building, Signals Defense films may qualify for LEED credits.


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