Government Agencies

Signals Defense works directly with many Government Agencies and organizations in order assist in providing the correct solutions for mitigating RF and IR threats. Signals Defense products were some of the first products designed specifically to allow windows into SCIF spaces.


Government Solutions from Signals DefenseSignals Defense has strong relationships with many of the architects who provide design services to the Government and specifically with SCIF construction in mind. Signals Defense architectural RF and IR shielding and safety products have been included in thousands of bids designed to mitigate the TEMPEST and electronic eavesdropping threats.

General Contractors

Signals Defense works very closely with many SCIF construction contractors in the United States. We have deep experience in providing accurate and timely responses to bid requests for RF and IR window film specifications. Our expanded product line includes the ability to provide additional value add products associated with glazing requirements that include window blinds, shades, RF attenuation foils, as well as RF attenuating paints and wallpaper.


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