Graffiti Shield offers a range of innovative solutions for commercial building owners and property managers frustrated with the limited options to mitigate various forms of graffiti. Four products for different surfaces – Glass Shield, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield, and Custom Shield.

Glass Shield

In addition to traditional forms of vandalism, scratching, carving, and acid etching are more permanent and damaging forms of vandalism, all of which are on the rise. Glass Shield protects areas that are targeted most by vandals, and saves building owners from investing in expensive resurfacing or replacement. Glass Shield utilizes thin-film technology that provides a nearly invisible protection layer between the glass and graffiti vandal, which can easily be replaced when a vandal does strike. By installing Glass Shield, your glass is protected for years to come.

Metal Shield

A common place for vandals to leave their mark has become areas clad in Stainless Steel - elevators, escalators, and restroom partitions. These metal surfaces are installed to provide a modern, sleek, and clean look. Typically, they are etched with abrasive objects (screwdrivers, car keys, etc.). Conventional buffing cannot take etching out of metal, and replacing it can be costly. Metal Shield was developed to combat this problem. This film replicates the look of metal, but gives the protection of an anti-graffiti film. This film can restore the original appearance of exiting metal while keeping vandals from damaging the actual surface.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield offers the reflective look of a mirror, while providing protection to the surface underneath. This works well in public restrooms where mirrors are prone to vandalism. Instead of having to replace a costly mirror, you can install Mirror Shield over the existing damaged mirror and have a like-new mirror at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Shield

Graffiti Shield makes a wide variety of custom colors and textures to match materials other than glass, stainless steel, and mirror. The Graffiti Shield technology has been used to protect materials such as Powder Coated Panels, Baked Enamel Restroom Partitions, and many other colored surfaces. Please contact us with your specific needs.

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