Llumar Window Films provide solutions to improve energy efficiency, comfort, securty and design

Signals Defense provides the full range Llumar Window films:Llumar_Solar_film_5.jpg

  • Solar Window Films - Our extensive selection of solar window films can give you sunlight without sacrificing comfort or productivity.  Find the match for your climate, design and building requirement.  SEE Case Study below!
  • Decorative Window Film - Our thoughtfully curated line of decorative film designs can subtly disguise views or boldly capture attention.  With gradients, patterns, and more, your imagination is the only limitation.
  • Safety Film - These tough, invisible films are an added layer of defense against theft, vandalism, weather and more.  They're an investment in both property value and peace of mind.
ncreased energy savings with LLumar solar control window film.

Solar Film Case Study


Faced with rapidly rising energy costs, Kona Community Hospital turned to NORESCO, a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO), to help them identify a solution. Because of its limited budget, the hospital needed something affordable to implement, while also delivering fast payback through resulting energy savings.


Following an energy analysis and review of the hospital’s glass requirements, NORESCO recommended LLumar reflective solar control window film R-20 SR PS4 for all exterior windows. The project required more than 31,000 square feet of window film. Professional installation was completed quickly without disrupting hospital operations and had impressive results.


In reducing summer solar heat gain by 75%, LLumar solar control window film provided the energy savings required, while also improving occupant comfort and reducing distracting glare. As an added benefit, the reflective silver film enhanced the exterior appearance of the building by hiding previously visible clutter and offering a clean, contemporary look. Due to improved energy efficiency, the project paid for itself in energy savings in less than three years.

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