RF Window Films

Our RF/IR security film technology is the standard for the US government and corporations desiring to properly secure locations handling sensitive and/or classified information. Signals Defense window films meet the TEMPEST requirements for the intelligence community directive ICD 705 and the DoD Infrared and Radio Frequency Emanation Protection Standards. Read more about our RF/IR window film here.

Security and Safety Films

Signals Defense has a variety of safety films to choose from depending on your need.  There are options for privacy film, glass breakage protection, spall protection, smash and grab protection among other options.  There are a myriad of reasons safety film can and should be installed.  From storefronts for smash and grab reasons to fear of the danger of broken shards of glass in a door or office window in a high traffic area.    Read more about our security and safety films here.

Casper Cloaking Film  (Obscures digital Screen to outside view through glass wall)

Casper Cloaking Film can be applied to any clear, smooth glass on new projects or existing glass.  The film is installed on the glass inside a room with a large display.   It is designed to obscure the view of the screen and works with most 40" or larger LED or LCD displays. It acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy, while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in a working space.  There are 15 optional graphics options that can be combined to dial in the perfect balance of openness and privacy. 

Radiant Barrier Foils and Paint

rFoil radiant barrier foil is designed to be used in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). In addition to being a highly effective radiant banner, Ultra NT solid also is an approved vapor banner.

For shielding of walls, ceilings and floors, we recommend our shielding paints and various fabrics. Learn more here.

Decorative Films

Signals Defense has the ability to brilliantly enhance existing properties or new projects. Decorative films are durable, yet also removable. As your building shielding expert, we have access to thousands of variations, and custom printing to make your dreams a reality. Read more about our decorative films.

Graffiti Shield

Graffiti Shield offers a range of innovative solutions for commercial building owners and property managers frustrated with the limited options to mitigate various forms of graffiti. Four products for different surfaces – Glass Shield, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield, and Custom Shield.

Roller Shades and Blinds

As your building shielding expert, Signals Defense has extensive experience consulting the purchase and installation of blinds and shades. Signals Defense is an authorized distributor for several quality brands, and is happy to share our expertise with you on any upcoming projects. Learn more here.

Specialty Glass Products

Signals Defense provides glass and polycarbonate security solutions to mitigate against a myriad of electronic eavesdropping techniques and ballistic and blast threats. Our custom solutions include everything from full window layups to custom insert panels designed to maintain the integrity of the building's facade. Learn more here.

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