New Tenant Fit-Out Gets Pre-Accreditation Inspection and Testing for Verification

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New Tenant Fit-Out Gets Pre-Accreditation Inspection and Testing for Verification

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A Government-sponsored customer contacted Signals Defense to provide inspection, Radio-Frequency attenuation testing, and STC testing of a nearly-completed, 2,000 SF SCIF in Virginia they were preparing to occupy.  Occupying the space would require passing accreditation by the Government.  There were questions and concerns with the general contractor’s quality of work (and past experience), and possibly the design, thus raising an uncertainty as to whether the space would pass Government accreditation in the next two weeks.  Should the customer not pass, this could have delayed a scheduled move and the execution of their mission and contract.



Signals Defense proposed Radio Frequency field attenuation testing and instrumented sound transmission testing in accordance with the Government accrediting organization’s requirements.   SD mobilized in the evening after most/all human activity within the secure space and in the adjacent spaces was minimal.  Both instrumented tests were performed at approximately 5 separate points, including an exterior wall, interior walls, and doors.  Total test time was under 2 hours.


The customer had notified the Government accreditor that they had scheduled SD to perform this work, and the accreditor joined everyone on site.  This interaction allowed for an in-person review of the conditions and findings of the inspections and preliminary test results, real-time.  Discussion furthered into the countermeasures that could be implemented to improve several findings, and determine potential threats or vulnerabilities, if any. 



The test results and ensuing discussion showed the customer had received sufficient countermeasures for the required RF attenuation, based on the accrediting organization’s requirements.  However certain conditions in the construction revealed vulnerabilities that would not pass under more stringent requirements.  The sound transmission testing revealed that neither the interior wall, nor the doors provided the specified and required protection.  Due to running these preliminary evaluations prior to final accreditation, the customer was able to hold the general contractor to correcting certain deficiencies in a timely fashion.  The customer then packaged the Signals Defense final report containing all data, graphs, findings, and recommendations, and presented this to the Government accreditor.  This package demonstrated the due-diligence by the customer, and helped expedite the accreditor’s process.  The customer passed accreditation, and was permitted to begin their move and mission on schedule.  Subsequently, the customer has engaged RFD for work at another location.

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