Technology Company in Urban Environment Requires WiFi Assessment and RF Separation

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Technology Company in Urban Environment Requires WiFi Assessment and RF Separation (Shielding)

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Technology Company in Urban Environment Requires WiFi Assessment and RF Separation (Shielding):


A commercial tenant located in a dense urban environment contacted RF Defense to troubleshoot their WiFi interference problems in their office.  The customer is situated in a multi-story, historic wood-framed building, surrounded by modern building commercial and retail high-rises.  They expressed a concern with thousands of WiFi networks flooding their space, rendering their own network unreliable and weak.  They were preparing to begin fit-out construction on additional floors within the same building and needed assistance with architectural shielding solutions to help separate their WiFi space from the outside.  They had several WiFi ‘heat-maps’ and other assessments performed, but no reliable solutions.



RF Defense proposed Radio Frequency field attenuation testing to determine the existing attenuation and vulnerability of the building shell.  RFD proposed incorporating RFoil at walls and ceilings, and RF attenuating film for the windows; all shielding to assist with the segregation of their WiFi network and provide a barrier from some external networks from penetrating their space. 


In addition, RFD mobilized it’s IT/Cyber team to look at the problem from the network side. 



RFD was able to make recommendations and modifications to tune the customer’s existing WiFi network and access points (in the current space) to ensure the highest efficiency for their unique space.  This resulted in reliable and significantly more secure service without major hardware and infrastructure upgrades.  


Signals Defense also supplied RFoil for incorporation into the flooring substrate and walls for the new construction space.  Including this basic component at the time of construction will provide significant RF attenuation and separation from outside of the space.  As the construction progressed, SD furnished and installed the SD2500 film on the exterior windows to ensure these windows provided RF attenuation similar to the walls. 


In a final site visit and assessment, RFD determine that within the newly constructed space, only approximately xxx external WiFi networks (at the time of measurement) were visible compared to the xxxx found prior to the shielding modifications.  The customer was now able to perform daily business operations in a more reliable, secure, and efficient manner.


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