Ultra NT Radiant Barrier® rFoil™ for SCIF's (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities)

Ultra NT rFoil is an aluminum foil-based radiant barrier made up of two reflective surfaces sandwiched around a high-strength reinforcing woven scrim. This patented RF foil has an impressively high shielding capacity: it can attenuate electromagnetic energy (EM) and radio frequency (RF) signals from passing through a solid barrier, whether it’s a wall, ceiling, or floor. 

Distributed by shielding experts at Signals Defense, the Ultra NT Radiant Barrier® rFoil is the standard for radio frequency and infrared (IR) blocking materials used in US Government and corporate facilities.

Reasons to use RF Shielding Foil by Signals Defense

  • Meets the Department of Defense’s standards for RF/IR interference in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).
  • Meets TEMPEST standards for preventing “electronic eavesdropping,” a common method for digital theft and espionage.
  • Provides radiant heat barrier for energy savings.

Signals Defense is proud to be an authorized dealer for Ultra NT Radiant Barrier ® and can assist with various installation techniques for maximum effectiveness. In addition to offering outstanding RF shielding effectiveness (100MHz – 10GHz: 85 dB installed performance may vary).  Ultra NT Radiant Barrier® RF shielding foil reflects up to 97% of radiant heat and increases existing insulation performance.

  • Roll Size:   48" x 125'   (500 sf per roll)
  • Available in Solid and Perforated



rFoil™ 'Aluminum Foil' Tape

rFoil Tapes are made of a special UV metalized polypropylene film, with a high tack acrylic adhesive. These tapes can help maintain a seal in radiant barrier systems and are resistant to moisture, flames, and smoke generation. High-temperature resistance makes rFoil Tapes ideal for use in heat repelling applications. 

Applications of rFoil™ 'Aluminum Foil' Tape

Installing  rFoil™ tape where the edges meet will ensure the foil is seamless throughout. 

Examples of its applications include:

  • Mobile SCIFs
  • SCIF rooms like conference rooms, IT centers, storage rooms, and physical vaults
  • Buildings and corporate offices
  • Residences and home offices

The tape is also helpful for repairing holes or rips in rFoil™.

  • Roll Sizes:   2" x 150'   |   3" x 150'

3M 1170 Conductive Adhesive Tape

3M 1170 Tape consists of 1 oz rolled aluminum foil backing and an electrically conductive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It has excellent solder ability and ensures seamless protection against intentional and accidental RF/IR interference. 

Uses and Applications

The electrically conductive 3M tape applications are similar to the rFoil™ 'Aluminum Foil' Tape:

  • It is used to create a seamless barrier where edges of two or more RF foils meet. 
  • It holds in place the rFoil™ patches used to cover holes in the foil barrier.
  • If the rip in the barrier is tiny enough, the tape may be enough to patch the damage.

Thanks to its excellent conductivity and RF/IR attenuation properties, the 3M tape is ideal for SCIF applications, grounding and EMI/RFI shielding in rooms, equipment, and other electrical components.  

Why Choose 3M RF Foil Tape Over Standard Metalized Tape?

The advantage of 3M conductive adhesive tape is its absolute conductivity. Standard-issue metal tapes are only conductive on the surface, whereas 3M 1170 allows continuous current flow from the top of the tape down to the adhesive.

  • Roll Sizes:   2" x 54'   |   3" x 54'

EMCoat Shielding Paint

One of the best ways to deter data thieves from targeting a SCIF is to make it look inconspicuous like the average building or corporate office. RF paints will be very helpful in giving a SCIF’s exteriors a common treatment and conductive coating for electromagnetic shielding for data security purposes. 

EMCoat RF blocking paint is an electrically-conductive paint for the protection against high-frequency (HF) radiation and low-frequency (LF) electric fields. These conductive paints are multipurpose for shielding wireless networks, secure communications and data security. Its shielding properties also remain intact even if over-coated with other finishes. 

EMCoat’s electromagnetic or EMF shielding paint can:

  • Provide an additional layer of protection against external electromagnetic threats.
  • Keep internal RF/IR signals contained within the physical boundaries of the SCIF.  

Controlling RF/IR Attenuation Without Drawing Attention

Instead of forgoing RF shielding completely, use EMCoat’s RF blocking paint instead. As an EMF shielding paint, it is a potential alternative or complement to rFoil as it can block RF/IR intrusions and threats.

RF paints are ideal for a variety of surfaces and are easily applied on new or retrofitted office space. EMCoat provides a wide range of broadband shielding for electromagnetic protection in conference rooms, data centers, sensitive medical device rooms, and any area where signal control is a concern.

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EMShield Wallpaper

A Conductive wallpaper for electromagnetic shielding, EMShield wallpaper can be utilized to shield electronics, wireless networks, and secure communications from hacking, snooping, and spectrum congestion.  

Just like shielding paint, wallpaper is another alternative for RF/IR attenuation or blockade. Wallpaper doesn’t look suspicious and it doesn’t look out of place inside an office, conference room, lobby, or tech room. Another alternative for additional post-construction RF shielding, EMShield can be applied to many flat surfaces for immediate protection.

Applications of EMShield Conductive Wallpaper

EMShield provides a wide range of broadband shielding for various industries and applications: 

  • Aerospace facilities
  • Medical facilities 
  • Entertainment facilities (i.e., stadiums and arenas) 
  • Recording studios  
  • Any facility with an abundance of signal-emitting electronics 

Cost-Effective RF Barrier

The heat sensitive wall paper is easy to install using standard installation methods and can be covered with paint or other wall coverings. Since there’s no complex process or special tools required, the materials and installation for EMSHIELD wallpaper are very affordable.  

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EMCaulk: Electrically Conductive Acrylic Latex Caulk

EMCaulk is a high-performing acrylic caulk and sealant that provides electrical continuity. With an acrylic latex polymer base and high heat resistance, it provides excellent long-term electromagnetic protection in a wide range of sealing applications.  

EMCaulk is a quality sealant that can be used on a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces.  It forms a flexible, durable, airtight, water-resistant seal that offers protection from environmental conditions.  

Acrylic Caulk for a Seamless RF/IR Barrier

EMCaulk is designed to seal gaps, cracks, joints, and seams around windows, trim, doors, siding, penetrations, hardboard, and flashing. The latex caulk can fill up to half an inch of joint gap, making it an excellent sealant for overlaps and seams between the meeting edges of rFoil™ sheets. 

EMCaulk can be easily cleaned up with soap and water, and may be painted when cured. The quick and effortless installation, not requiring sophisticated tools, help to keep the overall costs of EMF shielding affordable.

The EMCaulk conductive acrylic caulk offers the following benefits:

  • Superior shielding
  • Reliable electromagnetic protection
  • Cost-effective RF/IR barrier solution
  • Long-lasting performance
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