Signals Defense Safety films protect against Glass Fragmentation, Spall Control, and Blast Hazard

safetyfilm_glass-1.jpgSafety window film plays a key part of physical security as a first line of defense from the outside threats by providing a strong barrier that contains the glass upon impact.  Safety film is widely used on windows and glass doors that are vulnerable to a natural disaster, blast,  vandalism, theft, or an intruder to protect people from physical harm and minimize costly damage associated with broken glass.

Safety film features pressure-sensitive adhesive which has a low visual distortion that provides exceptional optical clarity. Safety films are available in a wide variety of solar, aesthetic and RF/IR solutions to enhance your buildings needs and can be applied retrofit or to new construction. 

Signals Defense carries and installs a large selection of Safety films.  Ask about our RF and IR attenuation safety films as well.


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