Signals Defense has a long history of providing custom security solutions for various government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our patented SD1000 and SD2500 window films are the industry standard for various intelligence communities building shielding needs. Signals Defense patented window film technology provides the best RF and IR protection, in addition to exceptional blast protection and UV efficiencies that many have come to expect with window films. As secure work environments become more and more popular these security films have begun to be adopted among many Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to the RF window films, Signals Defense has aligned with several top manufacturers in the building shielding industry to provide top-notch ballistics and blast protection to meet your buildings physical security requirements. Whatever your design requirements call for, Signals Defense has the resources and expertise to make your specification a reality.  Watch an example to the right where a safety film provided physical security.

 As open office spaces become more prevalent, office privacy plays an important role in ensuring employees can work effectively throughout the day. We offer a variety of options for commercial office spaces to have the look and feel of an open office space, with the options privacy for a workplace free of distractions.  See our recent addition of Casper Cloaking Film that provides visually privacy of large screen monitors from outside viewers peering through glass walls, but keeps all else visually open.  From custom LCD switchable glass, to decorative films that offer a variety of frosted designs, Signals Defense is your one-stop shop for building shielding.

The federal government specifically identifies Signals Defense’s proprietary film as the standard solution for ICD 705 Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) windows. Signals Defense's SD2500 has been ASTM F3057-14 tested and exceeds IC requirements for RF attenuation. Contact us to secure your company’s boardroom or workspace from RF hacks, electronic eavesdropping, and data protection.


Signals Defense can provide you with an RF Shielding System Coordinator (RFC)

Signals Defense can assist in the construction process by providing an individual as an RFC to coordinate the construction activities with the Government CTTA. Product/Field Samples and RF mockups are available upon request.

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