Signals Defense has a long history of providing custom security solutions for various government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our patented SD1000 and SD2500 window films are the industry standard for various intelligence communities building shielding needs. Signals Defense patented window film technology provides the best RF and IR protection, in addition to exceptional blast protection and UV efficiencies that many have come to expect with window films. As secure work environments become more and more popular these security films have begun to be adopted among many Fortune 500 companies. More about our security solutions for your commercial or government building here.

In-Building Wireless

Signals Defense developed DAS Shield™ to help create a more efficient in-building wireless network. By insulating a building from outdoor RF interference, in-building wireless systems don’t need to compete with an outdoor signal. Start broadcasting secure wireless in your building today. Read more about our in-building wireless solutions.

Energy Savings Solutions

Window films through Signals Defense can enhance the performance of any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption. We have provided a unique tool that takes into account various parameters to identify if your building is suited for this enhancement. Start saving nearly 75% on your energy bills with our energy savings solutions.

Window Treatment Solutions

If you’re retrofitting an existing building, or planning a new construction project, we have extensive experience installing custom manual and motorized blinds and shades. You can read more about our window accessory products here.

Decorative Solutions

Signals Defense offers a variety of decorative film solutions to customize your work space and meet your organizations privacy and branding needs. Read more about our custom decorative window films and frosted glass here.

Graffiti Control

Signals Defense has graffiti control solutions developed to mitigate the presence, or prevent future applications of damaging graffiti. With our Graffiti Shield, it protects and deters criminals before they damage your property. Click here and read more to determine if Graffiti Shield is right for you.