SD Glass/Poly Laminates

Signals Defense provides glass and polycarbonate security solutions to mitigate against a myriad of electronic eavesdropping techniques and ballistic and blast threats. Our custom solutions include everything from full window layups to custom insert panels designed to maintain the integrity of the building's facade. Signals Defense's patented technology is available embedded within the glazing system. Blast, ballistic, forced entry, and containment protection is critical in today's environment. Signals Defense can produce an unlimited variety of glass and polycarbonate (Makrolon®) laminates for your security and privacy concerns.

LCD Switchable Glass

For the high-technology space, Signals Defense is proud to offer an industry first custom configurable, UL Certified, Smart Glass panel system! It is the perfect solution for instant switchable privacy. Common applications for this technology include: Boardrooms / Conference rooms, Executive offices, Healthcare facilities, Rear projection display, and more. Contact us to help turn your ideas into reality.

Ballistics Glass & Detention Laminates

Signals Defense offers a wide range of Forced Entry Ballistic Rated (FEBR) glass and containment grade glass clad polycarbonate (GCP). Ballistic rated glass is available to meet all UL752 and NIJ ratings, depending on your security needs. Signal Defense solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s security, for ballistics, containment, and blast. We are at the forefront with both ballistics and detention product lines, which serve private and commercial, military, and other government solutions worldwide.

For more details on Ballistics Glass, visit here.

For a video introduction on Ballistic Ratings, click here.

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