Signals Defense is not only a leader in window film technology but also provides all manner of window treatments including window blinds, roller shades, decorative window films, and solar films. Today’s window blinds come in a wider variety of materials, colors, and styles than ever before. If you’re considering window blinds for your home or office, we’ve got some thoughts that might be helpful.

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Window blinds come in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes, and types, and can be customized as per your specifications:

  • Orientation: Window blinds can be either horizontal or vertical. Typically, vertical blinds are used for larger windows or sliding glass doors while horizontal blinds are installed on standard-sized windows, but this rule is not hard and fast. Vertical blinds collect less dirt and dust, and stack neatly to one side, allowing ease of use for doors. Horizontal blinds are not blown apart by a sudden breeze or physical contact and provide a sleek, iconic look, particularly with just the right amount of light streaming through.

  • Materials: Window blinds may be made of wood, metal, plastic, and fabric. Spring-tempered aluminum is popular due to its low cost, light-blocking ability, and durability, but wood or faux wood can also provide a classic look for the right room.

  • Sizes: Standard sizes on offer are one-half inch, one inch, and two-inch tiltable slats, which may be adjusted for precise control of the amount of light allowed in at any time of day. Besides these standard sizes, Signals Defense can offer you customized sizes to fit any window. All blinds are cut lengthwise to fit your specific needs.

  • Colors: Virtually any color, pattern, or design you could think of may be used on blinds. While shades are typically used for printing logos or larger designs, Signals Defense can accommodate most customization needs. If it’s possible with the materials, Signals Defense can do it!

More Than One Kind of Window Treatment

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Your light control options aren’t limited to window blinds, either. In addition to all manner of blinds. Signals Defense offers clear solarwindow films to reduce heat and glare, blackout or translucent roller shades with or without logos or other artwork, and other design suggestions. If you’re on the fence between shades or blinds, we’ve covered that topic (and many others) in our blog and we’re happy to advise you. Very often, a combination of window films with blinds or shades can make for that nice finishing touch to a room but can save you lots of money on energy costs and the replacement of sun-damaged furnishings.

Get in Touch with the Experts

If you’re considering changing how you control light in your space, contact Signals Defense today for a free consultation. The company offers solutions from Insolroll, Draper, Hunter Douglas, SWF Contract, and Levelor, among many others. We've always found that the brands we carry cover an enormous range of options, but if your space needs an entirely new solution, the pros at Signals Defense will put their vast experience and industry sources to work to find the right fit for you.


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