Signals Defense, the building shielding experts, have extensive experience consulting with tenants, architects, and developers on the purchase and installation of blinds and shades to meet a variety of aesthetic and performance goals.  Signals Defense is an authorized dealer for several U.S. manufacturers, and is happy to share our expertise with you on any upcoming projects. Throughout the process, we encourage our clients to focus on their vision and we can recommend the best solution and or brand for your specific requirement or need.All of our products are custom-made for your building, and to your specification.  A few of the manufacturers we have had success with include:

Some of the questions you can expect us to ask during the intial consult include:
  1.  Are you working from a specification? or are you looking to match an existing window treatment?  We can source a soulution  to your exact specification.
  2.  Are you having a difficult time deciding what window treatments will work best in your space?  We will guide you through the  entire process by evaluating your existing space and offering recommendations that meet your budget, and your vision.
  3.  Not sure what your window treatments should look like?  We understand that there is a a lot of variables- contact us to set up  an initial phone consult.  Whether you're looking to reduce glare and increase privacy, or you'd like to impress clients with a  recessed motorized roller shade with custom programming, we will make sure the best solution is within reach.
  4.  Do you have any branding or marketing you would like to incorporate into your window treatments?  Roller Shades offer  excellent solar heat rejection for the inside space, but have you considered the branding towards your customers on the  outside?  We can custom print any artwork on solar or blackout favric to complement your message to potential customers.  This is a great choice for storefronts in high traffic areas, or buildings in historic towns with restrictive convenants.  

Signals Defense has extensive experience installing their motorized shades for a variety of commercial applications. Commercial roller blinds are highly customizable; we have the ability to print custom logos and images directly on the shades. Depending on the orientation of your building, and the amount of natural light you want to let in, the blinds can still provide a view of the outside world or block out all light. Please contact us to discuss your project and we’ll work with you to create a custom blind solution.Signals Defense also carries aluminum venetian blinds. The aluminum venetian blind is a cost effective way to ensure varying levels of privacy and sun control throughout the day. These blinds are cut to fit, and come with spring-tempered aluminum slats offering best-in-class resilience to withstand the toughest treatment. We offer an innovative range of finishes and dozens of colors to chose from.


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