Did you know Signals Defense also provides a variety of window shade options and installations? The company that brought the innovative RF Shield technology to the market also is expert in all manner of decorative window films and window treatments, including roller shades, window blinds, and solar films.Window Roller Shades Baltimore Signals Defense

But if you are not familiar with what’s available in modern roller shades, we’ve got some thoughts that might be helpful.

Roller Shades Options

Modern window roller shades come in a wide variety of levels of opacity, fabrics, colors, and designs, and can also be specially crafted to exactly meet your needs:

  • Solar & sun shades: Solar and sun shades are translucent but reduce heat and glare from the sun. The translucence allows for unobstructed views but, particularly in the hot summer sun of mid-Atlantic and Southern states, dramatically reduces heat, glare, and sun damage to interior furniture and carpeting.

  • Blackout shades: Blackout shades are made of an opaque material that does not allow light to pass through the shade. They are useful to ease viewing of multimedia presentations or LCD screens, or simply to minimize outdoor light in peak sunlight hours.

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  • Decorative shades: Decorative shades can really add to the design of a room, whether in an office or at home. Available in many different fabrics, colors, and levels of opacity, decorative shades can blend form and function for a perfect finishing touch to a room.

  • Printed shades: Printed shades add logos, company names, or relevant designs to the outside or inside of your windows. Thequality and types of printed images available are virtually unlimited – whatever you and your design team can think up, we can print. Again, printed shades can add that perfect final touch to a well-designed room.

  • Motorized or hand-controlled: All the above features may be included in both motorized versions and hand-controlled. Quiet motors, wireless features, and integration into building smart HVAC control systems are additional features that are available to create the perfect climate and lighting control system for your building.
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Get in Touch with the Experts

If you’re considering changing how you control light in your space, contact Signals Defense today for a free consultation. The company offers solutions from Insolroll, Draper, Hunter Douglas, SWF Contract, and Levelor, among many others. These providers cover an enormous range of options but if your space needs an entirely new solution, the pros at Signals Defense will put their vast experience and industry sources to work to find the right fit for you.


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